How to secure your pc from Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks is on all-time high. Every week or month there is a new variant coming out. Cisco says that Ransomware attacks are growing more than 350 percent annually. If you are curious how ransomware spreads, I have answered for ‘How does ransomware get on people’s computers?’ and how to avoid them in information security stackexchange.

Antivirus tools cannot protect your system from new ransomware until they get signatures. To tackle this I have listed some anti-ransomware solutions which works based on behavior instead of signature. This collection includes free and paid solutions. If you are infected with some known Ransomware you can decrypt them using some free decrypting tools listed below.

These tools are capable of catching any existing and new ransomware variants as they works based on behavior.

Free Anti-Ransomware

1. Malwarebytes

2. Kaspersky

3. Minervalabs

4. Trend-Micro Ransom Buster

Ransomware Decryption Tools.

1. NoRansom – Kaspersky

2. NoMoreRansom

3. Avast

3. AVG

4. EMET from Microsoft

5. Trend Micro screen unlocker

Paid solutions

1. Sophos Intercept X

2. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

3. Zone Alarm – Anti Ransomware

If you know any good free tools which are not on this list, please add it in comments and I will be happy to update my list.

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