CyberSec Talk Intro

Since 2008 the time when I started my career in IT, I have gained knowledge from so many resources, tools which helped me to shape my career.

I want to give back something to the community by sharing the knowledge I have gained in cyber security. Security threats are increasing every day. Security is everyone’s responsibility. More and more devices in our everyday life is getting connected to internet. Stats saying that 328 million devices are being connected to internet each month.

What am I trying to write about?

  • How a common man can secure himself from the ever growing security threats?
  • Information about new security threats and tools which helps to protect us.
  • Resources and OSINT tools information.
  • And more as get along with the readers.

If you are reading this post and thinking about something which you need more info about, feel free to leave a comment and I will check it out.

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